Hello! I’m that “crazy puzzle lady” who loves everything related to jigsaw puzzles! This website is my place to share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned from 30+ years experience doing puzzles and of course recommendations and reviews for some of my favorite puzzles.

It All Started with My Grandma

My love for puzzles began with many afternoons of putting together jigsaw puzzles with my grandmother in the late 80’s. She often tackled those seemingly impossible itty-bitty piece puzzles of 2000+ pieces or more – and it never stopped me from trying to help as a kid and she was always glad to let me try.

As an adult, I am excited now to share my love for puzzles with my own kids, and also to share the joy of puzzles with many others through our website.

There are many benefits of doing puzzles – but I strongly feel in today’s modern digital age, there is nothing greater than “unplugging” to take some time with family or friends to work together on putting together a puzzle!

What Will You Find on Our Website?

Our website features a number of puzzle reviews on our blog, our favorite puzzle tips and guides, as well as recommendations for our favorite puzzles and jigsaw puzzle accessories.

Here’s what you’ll find on our website:

  • My Jigsaw Puzzle Strategy for Doing Puzzles Quickly & Easily
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Brand Comparisons
  • Puzzle Finder – Easily Browse our database of puzzles and find puzzles by theme, piece count, brand, artist and more.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews
  • Free Downloadable Puzzle Trackers
  • How to Glue a Puzzle
  • DIY Puzzle Crafts
  • And more!

Connect With Us

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